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Shared Calendar

Quickly organize your time.
SmartCompany helps you organize your time with a powerful shared calendar you can access from anywhere. Located conveniently on your SmartCompany home page, your calendar is in view every time you log in. And if you have the SmartCompany Toolbar installed, you can display your calendar or schedule an appointment instantly at the click of a button.

Schedule appointments for others on your team.
You can invite other members of your team to appointments or schedule appointments on their behalf. When you do so, the appointment automatically shows up on their calendars.

Link appointments to other records.
Every appointment you create in SmartCompany can be optionally linked to an account, contact, project, opportunity, or order — so your appointments become part of the ongoing history for those items.

Synchronize with Outlook.
When you save a calendar item, SmartCompany gives you the option to email a vCalendar file to yourself so you can load it into Outlook.

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