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Account and Contact Management

Make every customer feel like your only customer.
SmartCompany's powerful contact manager links to every other module in the system, providing an ongoing record of every interaction you've ever had with your customers. Imagine being able to call a customer armed with the historical knowledge of everything you've quoted them and everything they've bought — plus all the emails, phone calls, documents, service issues, appointments, follow-up tasks, and notes that have accumulated during the course of your relationship. You'll be able to provide that invaluable personal touch that cements customer loyalty.

Manage complex relationships.
SmartCompany tracks accounts (companies) and contacts (the people who work at those companies. This gives you the ability to track your interactions with companies and individuals at the appropriate level. You can also track hierarchical corporate structures through the use of parent accounts.

Give special attention to neglected accounts.
With just two mouse clicks you can bring up a list of neglected accounts — the ones who haven't been contacted by anyone in your company lately. In less than one minute you can be on the phone with them, rebuilding old relationships.

Hide your personal contacts from others
When you create an account or contact, you can optionally mark it as Private so it won't be visible to other users in your company. Perfect for storing information about relatives and other personal contacts.

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