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SmartCompany Pricing

Pricing is based on three factors:
  • SmartCompany edition chosen
  • Number of users
  • Subscription term
Subscription terms are either monthly or yearly. You may enroll one or more users. To calculate your subscription fee, multiply the number of users by either the monthly or yearly rate. Monthly subscriptions must be billed to a major credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Yearly subscriptions offer significant savings and must be prepaid by credit card or company check. All amounts in US Dollars.

SmartCompany Corporate Edition Monthly Yearly
Per User $50 $500
SmartCompany Sales Edition Monthly Yearly
Per User $30 $300

Example: Purchase 7 seats of SmartCompany Corporate Edition for one year.

Option 1: Monthly billing - $350 per month (7 x $50) x 12 months = $4,200

Option 2: Prepaid yearly billing - $500 per year x 7 users = $3,500

Monthly Backup Service

We will email to you every month a complete backup of your SmartCompany data, including notes and documents, in a format you can use internally for running reports as well as having a secure backup of your data. The backup file is in Microsoft Office Access format, which preserves not only all your data, but also the relationships among the data elements. No other CRM vendor offers such a comprehensive backup service.


  • Database only: $10 per month
  • Database plus documents (Document Library plus documents attached to records): $25 per month
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