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When it comes to CRM, simpler is better.
Studies show that over 70% of CRM projects fail due to lack of user adoption. Why? Because most companies overdo it when it comes to CRM. They buy expensive products with features they don't need, then they spend countless hours tweaking and customizing and making things even more complicated. The result? Users get bored and confused, CRM systems go unused, and money gets wasted.

At SmartCompany we think simpler is better. Our product delivers attractive, easy-to-use screens and enough customization options to make it flexible without getting carried away. It's a plug-and-play solution that people learn quickly and love to use. And it's powerful enough to be useful right out of the box.

It's fast and easy to get started.
Sign up for our FREE 30-day trial and put SmartCompany to work right away. With our powerful Data Import Wizard (demo) you can import data from Outlook, ACT, GoldMine, or in just minutes. Plus, you'll be amazed at the quality and timeliness of our free email and telephone support. There's no risk, no hassle, no obligation.

Keep it simple. Try SmartCompany today.

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Customers love it!

"We switched to SmartCompany from — we get more bang for our buck and the system is much easier to use."
Steve Cotton
Data Power Monitoring

"For the first time we can see right into our pipeline — we're managing workloads and forecasting far more accurately. SmartCompany is paying big dividends."
Rick Brotherton
CORE Support Systems

SmartCompany: Big CRM
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