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Opportunity Management

Track leads and opportunities NOW.
SmartCompany's opportunity management module is so robust, you can track qualified and unqualified leads right away with no customization required. Why settle for bare-bones opportunity tracking when you can have the powerful opportunity tracking you need right out of the box?

ONE module for leads and opportunities means half the learning curve.
While our competitors track leads and opportunities in two separate modules, we do it in one. Why? Because our usability studies show that it cuts the learning curve in half while more than doubling user adoption rates — all without compromising functionality. When it comes to sales teams and CRM, nothing sells like simplicity.

We deliver the best — and fastest — forecasting in the business.
Our pipeline reports are simple to run, easy to customize, and deliver the information you need to succeed in seconds. The pie charts you see to the right represent the current sales pipeline broken down by sales rep. The bar charts represent the current pipeline broken down by product line. Each report requires only 2 mouse clicks and 3 seconds to run.

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